V2 Chapter 15: The old man gets his hands on the Magic Egg

It was finally time to enter the forest of God Trees as the time rapidly approached midnight. The forest was extremely large and it takes about an hour for us to reach the designated God Tree from the entrance. However we were entered the forest around 10:30 pm with 30 minutes buffer time. This way, even if we were to encounter any unexpected incidents we would still be able to make it.


 [Youya. There are so many people. Although there were many of them, there are more people than usual.] (Luna)

 [Well. There are many people who do not know when the egg will appear. However they are aware that it will be spawning sometime this month. Give and take 5 days, depending on the latest known date when the egg was seen, adventurers will gather in the forest, regardless of night or day.] (Youya)


The moment the Magic Egg appears, the surrounding area will be illuminated with light. If you are in the forest the moment it spawns, you will be able to identify which day the egg will appear every year. There are many people who do know about this and they are often the ones who put the egg on the auction house. Which means that the flock of adventurers who are trying to enter the forest are all veteran competitors in this race for the egg. And after someone obtains the egg, everyone else will turn into a pillager, hoping to snatch the egg for themselves. In that sense, the difficult part of the entire event is not to locate the egg, but to safely escape with it.


 [Uwaa. Camping for a week. Everyone here is determined in their own way. What kind of strange dance are those people doing? And that song, what is that?] (Til)

 [There are many different kinds of superstitions that come from this event. They believe that if you performed the dance, the Magic Egg would appear in front of you. Only people with bad taste would spread this kind of rumors.] (Youya)


Of course, it is false. However the amazing part about this sort of superstition is that it is impossible to call it a fraud. Regardless of whether you perform the dance, the probability of the egg appearing before you is still one in a hundred. So long as it is possible, then you can get away with calling it a ritual.


 [Im astonished. We definitely have to try harder now.] (Til)


By the way, there is a reason why none of the girls have brought up anything about where and which God Tree would spawn the egg as I’ve banned the topic for tonight. The moment someone utters anything relating to the egg, they would be banned from eating any meals in the bar. It is clear as day to anyone about what these girls live for. However this may be a needless precaution as anyone eavesdropping would be skeptical about our information as it is a common strategy used to deceive people by spreading false information. Plus the deeper in the forest we go, the lesser number of adventurers around. There are also hundreds of trees in this vast forest dungeon making it difficult for every tree to be covered by adventurers.


 [Youya. It’s weird. We’ve run this deep into the forest but there are no monsters at all.] (Luna)

 [That’s because they’ve all been hunted. Between the Starfish Larvae and the adventurers, for the past three days they have been hunted continuously after they were respawned.] (Youya)

 [Hee.. So that’s the case. If only there was a monster similar to the giant crab we fought back then that could spawn monsters indefinitely.] (Til)

 [That is an exception. That sort of monsters are rare and hard to find.] (Youya)


Monsters who are capable of altering their surroundings such as the Hermit Crab was very rare. At the very least, none of them exist in any dungeon within Greenwood. If there was such a monster that existed in any other towns suitable for us, then it would definitely be our next destination. Thanks to it’s troublesome passive skill it would make our lives much easier. However such a thing didn’t exist. And the number of dungeons suitable for adventurers level 30 or more aren’t plentiful. It’ll be difficult for us to find the luxury of having an entire dungeon to ourselves.


 [Youya, a little further.] (Luna)

Luna has a good memory. So long as we have visited the place once, she would remember the entire route that we took. Since we took the same route back yesterday, we were able to precisely estimate the amount of time required to arrive.


 [There are also several adventurers around us.] (Luna)


The worst case scenario would be if there were any adventurers who marked and decided to camp at the correct God Tree. However, the tree wasn’t in this area. It’ll be fine so long as the adventurers are present only in this area.





Finally, we arrived at the God Tree indicated by the star chart. I was making sure that we weren’t being followed on our way here, however that effort was redundant. Although that was a relief, one of my fears had came true. There were adventurers who had marked the God Tree we were heading to. They had came here.


 [All of you get lost! This place is marked as the Wolfgang’s territory!] (Adventurer)


There was a pair of two adventurers. Although there were over 30 God Trees in the immediate vicinity, they seem to be adamant about marking the area as their territory.


 [We understand. We’ll back away from here.] (Youya)


Although it was possible for us to start a dispute here, creating noise here would attract other adventurers in the area. That would be bad so let’s behave maturely here.


 [Wait a minute.. Isn’t it that pimp old man?] (Adventurer no.2)

 [Seriously? Then, that beastgirl–] (Adventurer no.1)

 [Did you call for Luna?] (Luna)

 [Eeeek.] (Adventurers)  


It was at that moment Luna showed her head from behind me. It was the pair of adventurers who were trying to hit on Luna and Til back in the guild. It’s no surprise that they were afraid of her. After all they must have received quite a trauma from her attack.


 [We aren’t backing down from here! If we do, our boss will absolutely slaughter us! You are definitely not getting close to the trees here!] (Adventurers)


Based on their responses they must belong to the lower echelon of their clan. It seems that Wolfgang wasn’t the name of their party but rather a clan that they had joined. However it doesn’t appear to be the compassionate sort of group but more of a dictatorship sort of group.


 [We understand. We’ll go somewhere else so stop looking at us like that.] (Youya)

We were definitely not going to get into a quarrel but it’ll be troublesome if they were to call their friends here. We decided to turn back as they stared at us move away from the location.





Although we said that we would change location, we did not plan on giving up the Magic egg. After turning the corner we hid behind the trees close to the target God Tree.


 [Our luck was bad. Their intuition was right on the mark.] (Youya)  

 [Muu. Luna could always blow them away with the same punch.] (Luna)

 [There are situations where force is necessary however if it isn’t needed then we don’t have to resort to it. Luna, I’ll tell you the plan. Be sure to listen to it carefully.] (Youya)


I took out a pocket watch from my pockets. This is an expensive watch made by a dwarf using special metals that accurately shows the time that isn’t affected by large shocks and impacts.


 [10 seconds before midnight, you will rush towards the God Tree at your full speed. At your max speed, there is no way for the two of them to stop you.] (Youya)

 [Leave it to Luna! If it’s that then Luna will do her best.] (Luna)

Luna possessed a lightweight body with overwhelming speed. Not only that, the two of them will stiffen with fear if they saw Luna rushing at them.


 [Til will be the backup. You said that maneuvering in the forest was your specialty previously. Then you will approach the tree to a distance closer than the two of them without being noticed. If they somehow managed to stop Luna, Til will be the one to close the gap and secure the egg.] (Youya)

If the two of them somehow manage to stop Luna in her tracks, then that would mean that their attention was completely focused on Luna. That will provide Til more than enough time to secure the egg.


 [Leave it to me! To me the forest is my friend.] (Til)


Til looks dependable. The two girls in question began preparing for the plan.Til erased her presence and blended into the darkness, slowly approaching the target. In the meantime, Luna began to prepare for her dash.


 [Uncle Youya. What should I do?] (Selene)

 [The two of us will be preparing to rush out if the two of them are in danger from anything.] (Youya)

 [I’m afraid.] (Selene)

 [Don’t worry about it. If it’s the current Selene then you are plenty strong.] (Youya)


In the first place, Selene who had the foundations with a sword and a shield drilled into her was already strong. That Selene who had underwent special training has become much stronger as compared to before. It was unnecessary for her to be worried about people on their level.


 [It’s not that. It’s obvious that the two of them haven’t undergone any proper training, I don’t know if they were capable of defending themselves. I don’t have any confidence that they would live after suffering an attack with a spike.] (Selene)

 […. Spikes are prohibited.] (Youya)


It is true that it’ll be difficult not to harm them if she was to use the spike. She could easily pierce a hole into their bodies or break their bones.

Now then, what will happen.




It was 30 seconds until midnight. Luna was currently wearing a pair of sunglasses. It was a piece of special equipment that can only be obtained from the labyrinth. It would be dangerous if we did not equip this equipment before the egg spawns. As soon as the time turns to midnight, the mechanism of the spawn will activate. However, Luna and Til will be moving before then.

Team remaining untill midnight is 20 seconds

Luna began a forward-bent posture and pours her energy into her legs. It was finally approaching 10 seconds before midnight.


 [3.. 2.. 1.. Let’s go!] (Luna)

Luna rushed out, reaching her top speed in three steps. The adventurers who were caught off guard were staring at Luna with a dumbfounded look.

Time remaining 7 seconds.

While retaining their dumbfounded looks, the two of them rushed to stop Luna. Luna lightly tapped the first person.

Time remaining 5 seconds.

Luna jumped over the second person with a flashy jump, somersaulting in the air before landing on the ground. After regaining her bearings she immediately accelerates. The adventurers tried to catch up but they couldn’t even come close to Luna’s speed. Her running figure with her fox tail hovering behind her gives of a majestic setting.

Time remaining 2 seconds

Luna arrives right in front of the tree.

Time remaining 0 seconds.


Midnight finally arrived.

It was an explosion of light capable of illuminating the entire forest. It was because of this that I had Luna and Til equip sunglasses. If someone were to look directly into the source of light their eyes would be thoroughly cooked.

By the way, I told Selene to close her eyes while I was wearing my spare sunglasses. In the middle of the light, Luna’s feet touched the tree trunk as she began to run vertically upwards the tree, directly towards the largest tree branch which held the Magic Egg, grabbed the egg and jumped. She landed on the ground, killing the impact using her flexible body, heavily reducing the shock sent to the egg and returned to our current position.

The light finally died down as the adventurers looked around their surroundings trying to look for Luna, however she had already disappeared. Til who was going to be Luna’s reinforcement also came back.


 [Youya look! It’s a huge egg!] (Luna)


Luna held out the Magic Egg with a look of satisfaction on her face. It was an egg slightly larger than an ostrich egg with a unique glowing emblem imbedded into the shell. I immediately took the egg and put it into my Magic Bag.


 [You did great Luna.] (Youya)

 [Uhn. Did her best!] (Luna)

Luna hugged me as she rubbed her face onto my chest and her tail swung happily. She was as cute as usual.


 [Everyone, shall we return?] (Youya)

 [Uhn. Those people are annoying.] (Luna)

 [Right? Plus I have errands to do.] (Til)

 [Once we return I would like to drink to celebrate. We couldn’t drink at dinner earlier.] (Selene)

 [Let’s do that. Tonight looks like a good night to stay up.] (Youya)


We laughed along in celebration and hurried home. On our way home we passed by multiple groups of adventurers on the way. They were most likely adventurers who were aware that the light was the signal that the egg has appeared. They were probably going to search for the person who had the egg in their possession.

It’s a shame to waste their efforts but I do not plan to advise them against it. It wouldn’t be fun to be assaulted and lose the egg in the process. I finally got the Magic Egg that I have been wishing for. Let’s be sure to take care of it well. With the existence of a Magic Pet our party will start to make more progress.


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