Chapter 15: The old man begins his challenge for the hidden passage.

Using my magic power, I cooled the river of magma, solidifying it with freezing magic creating a bridge to the otherwise unreachable passage. Beyond the opposite shore was a plethora of untouched monsters for us to hunt as well as treasure boxes if we were lucky enough.


  [Youya, a strong monster is running towards us. Very fast too.] (Luna)

  [It seems that we may have trespassed into their territory. This is convenient. It saves us the trouble of searching for them.] (Youya)


The monsters in this dungeon were all extremely territorial, rushing towards whoever dared to trespass into their area. Pretty much all of them behaved in a similar manner.

The Red Lizardmen, a bipedal lizard with red skin which wielded a sword.

The rhino which manipulated fire, the Red Horn.

The silent killer lurking in the magma, the Magmagator.

So on and so forth.


Among the monsters here, I hope to encounter as many Red Horns as possible. As its name implies, it is a rhino which had huge horns on its head but for some reason drops Beef (Average) and Beef (Excellent) in rare occasions. Although, in this world snakes dropped eel meat while orcs dropped pork, so it’s nothing mind blowing really.

As I pondered about which monster was coming, I kept my eye out for any signs of the monster.

In the distance, seven Red Horns appeared as they continued to accelerate towards our location. Their horns were already harder and sharper than iron, however as they accelerated they were becoming redder, increasing their attacking power and temperature. At our levels, a single blow to our head will cause instant death. Furthermore Phil and Til might even lose their life just by getting hit by the blow.


  [It seems that this is our lucky day. Right off the bat we get the chance to earn ourselves some meat. Let’s continue with our usual formation.] (Youya)


The girls nodded to my instructions as a cry could be heard in the background.




It was the activation of the Faerie Dragon’s unique skill, Blessings of the Dragon. Albeit slightly, it raises the party’s defense, flame and ice resistance, improving our stats without any costs to our main party.


  [Youya, is this Erik’s power?] (Luna)

  [It looks so. Blessing of the Dragon. It is proof that we are being protected by Erik.] (Youya)


The moment the enemy entered our sights, Phil and Til had already begun chanting their spells as me and Luna were distracted by Erik’s powers. Phil’s spell had completed first as her and Til’s arrows began glowing, producing a coating of ice. It was Magical Enchantment: Water which increased their attack power by 1.2 times and changing their attributes to water. It was an exceptional spell which allows us to increase our attack power while targeting the weakness of our opponent.

Arrows cloaked in ice began pouring over the Red Horns.


  [Oneechan, this monster is too hard!] (Til)

  [Til, focus on your chants.] (Phil)


Red Horn possessed the typical characteristics of a rhino-type monster, possessing high strength and defensive power. Normal monsters would have already fallen to Til’s enchanted arrows, however the Red Horns continued to charge towards us despite the rain of arrows. Although her rain of arrows isn’t the only welcoming gift she has.


  [Let’s do this! Thunder!] (Til)


Til activated her advanced magic, Thunder as it struck the first Red Horn, penetrating through its body and another three Red horns before dissipating. Just as Phil had explained to Til, by damaging the monsters with arrows Til was able to use a single Thunder to penetrate through multiple targets at once. This effectively increased her mana efficiency as she was able to defeat four monsters with a single spell rather than a single target.

The remaining three Red Horns quickly approached us as they let out a cry for their fallen brethren




.Average tanks in the front line would fall victim to the Red Horn at this distance and speed, however our tank was slightly unique. Standing directly ahead of the Red Horns was Selene as she lowered her back and prepared her shield. Her buckler was a small shield ill-suited for receiving an attack head on, however her shield isn’t a normal shield. Selene poured her magic power into the shield, causing a spike to appear from the bottom of the shield which dug into the ground.


  [Fortress] (Selene)


Selene released her specialty, defensive magic as a blue wall of light emerged from the center of her skill. It was a trump card for crusaders which increased their defensive power while increasing the size of their shield. For such a powerful skill, it had an extremely long cooldown, preventing another usage for a large period of time. 

The Red Horns crashed into the shield of light as Selene gritted her teeth. After being pushed back several centimeters, Selene’s footing stabilized as she successfully stopped the Red Horns’ charge.


  [Well done. Let’s go, Luna.] (Youya)

  [Uhn.Time to assassin.] (Luna)


Luna and I jumped forward from behind Selene towards the Red Horns.

Our roles in the party were simple.

Phil and Til were to attack from a distance at the start of the battle while Selene stops the monsters from approaching with her shield. Lastly, me and Luna will proceed to finish off the stragglers who were stopped by Selene. Although if I were to explain in detail, I would move to support the front-line while Luna focused on defending Phil and Til in the back line.

As we ran towards the Red Horns, my sword and Luna’s dagger began to glow as ice coated our blades. I appreciated the fact that Phil was present as she had likely cast Magical Enchantment: Water on us.

Currently, my strongest spell was Napalm Strike, however it was ineffective towards monster with high resistances to flames. Besides, if we were to be enchanted with water, a different attack would be better.


  [Bash!] (Youya)


Bash was a simple and one of the basic skills a Warrior and Magic Knight was capable of casting. It was an attack performed by releasing a blow from the upper body with the blade. It had a high attack multiplier with a short cast time, making it a quick and easy spell to use. My blade cut the neck of the rhinoceros.


  [I see it. Assassinate.] (Luna)


Next to me was Luna who activated her skill which activates on a critical attack, Assassinate. She had completely mastered the ability as her skill, Assassinate could be activated freely whereas in the game, it was a luck-based skill which depended on the user’s critical chance. Although she still wasn’t at a level capable enough to use it against a trained swordsman. Slowly but surely, she has begun to present my teachings as if it was her own. The unmoving Red Horn looked like a mere lump of meat to Luna as her blade disappeared into its body. A ringing sound could be heard as the Red Horn’s body began to disappear as it turned into blue particles.


The effects of Fortress wore off as the walls of light began to fade. Selene immediately retracted her shield as she stepped forward, pulling her left palm to her waist as she released a palm strike onto the last Red Horn, sending it flying backwards. With the distance between her and the Red Horn widened, Phil and Til began firing their arrows to the last monster remaining, ending the battle.


  [Everyone. Our coordination in this battle was superb.] (Youya)

  [Uhn. It was an amazing battle.] (Luna)

  [Fufu so long as this queen of beat down, Til is here. Any battle is easy.] (Til)

  [Til. Don’t be overconfident. Even back then your mistakes were caused by your carelessness.] (Phil)

  [I’ve also become much more confident since none of them were as terrifying as the Minotaur we fought in Greenwood.] (Selene)


This seems to be a good experience as not just their levels, but by looking at their battles their skills and battle sense has improved tremendously. Just this fact alone made me happy.


  [Youya, what did Erik do earlier?] (Luna)

  [You must be talking about the Blessings of the Dragon. It is a skill that increases our party’s defense power, fire resistance and ice resistance.] (Youya)

  [Amazing Erik!] (Luna)


  [Faerie Dragons have two other unique abilities. Although they had their Faerie Breath, its attacking power was basically zero. However it is capable of stunning their enemies. They also had another Faerie Blessing which provided a minor recovery effect to any injured party members.] (Youya)


Faerie Dragons only had these three abilities. Although they couldn’t be used for several minutes after each use, they were still useful to have in a battle.


  [Huh.. So this cute guy isn’t just cute, but it’s powerful as well. Jyann. Heres a dried fruit. Erik, heres your reward.] (Til)

  [I want to give Erik a snack too.] (Selene)

  [Kyu Kyu!] 


Erik happily ate the snack it received from Til and Selene as it let out a joyous cry. It was a pleasant sight to watch these children become engrossed with Erik, however they were forgetting something important.


  [Luna, Til. It’s nice that the battle has ended, however could you leave the celebration to afterwards?] (Youya)


After defeating a monster, there was a chance to obtain an item drop from the monster. Plus the Red Horns dropped the beef that the two gluttonous girls were looking forward to. With Luna’s Increased Drop Rate, all seven of the Red Horns had dropped a lump of Beef despite their drop rate being a mere 30% for Average Beef. For Excellent grade, the drop rate was only 1% but I’m keeping high expectations for it. This was the effect of the useful skill, Increased Drop rate which had a prerequisite of 20 points in the exploration skill tree.



  [It’s a crazy amount of meat!!] (Luna)


The tint in Luna and Til’s eyes changed as they begun collecting the item drops from the Red Horns.


  [Average..Average…Average.. The last one is… Average too. What about you Til?] (Luna)

  [Hold on a moment.First one is.. Average. Second one is…. Excellent!. Last one is Average. We managed to obtain delicious meat for ourselves! Although there was only one.] (Til)

  [Amazing meat!] (Luna)


Luna and Til performed a high five as they began their usual strange but intriguing dance.


  [Youya, Is it okay to keep the meat? We’ll be able to purchase better equipment if we managed to come across a rich merchant you know.] (Phil)


Upon listening to Phil’s words, the two girls began to sandwich the lump of meat tightly as they glanced menacingly towards Phil. It was a peculiar sight, however it wasn’t threatening in the slightest. Rather, it was cute.


  [Don’t worry. Let’s have it for ourselves. I should have mentioned this earlier but we shouldn’t just travel for the sake of getting stronger. Let’s not rush things and enjoy ourselves on the way to the top. We’ll be travelling to many different kinds of cities and dungeons so shouldn’t we be sure to enjoy the various things we won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else? Otherwise becoming the strongest just become a tiresome task.] (Youya)

  [If any other adventurer was here they would scoff at you, you know. But you’re right. Let’s enjoy ourselves along the way.] (Phil)

Phil let out a grin as it seems that Phil herself wanted to enjoy herself.


  [Phil. Once we return could you make a dish using this meat? We could always ask a store to do it for us however I’m worried about the off chance that the meat may be ruined.] (Youya)

  [I understand. I’ll wholeheartedly accept that request, however I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the meat tonight. I’ll have to think of the menu for tomorrow’s dinner as well.] (Phil)

  [There’s no need. Look at these two. Do you think that this 2 kilograms of meat will last through the night?] (Youya)


Luna was already drooling at the thought of eating the meat as her fox tail bounced around vigorously while Til was enjoying the sensation of the smell as her entire body was shivering. Also, the amount of meat dropped from monsters was a fixed 2 kilograms regardless of the type of meat. Since we have five people, it’ll be 400 grams of meat per person. A typical oversized steak was 300 grams. Thinking about this, we wouldn’t be able to finish the meat, however these two girls had an amazing appetite.


  [Seems like there isn’t a need. I’ll have to begin adjusting myself to them.] (Phil)


I look forward to tonight when we return to town as Phil’s cooking was at a level comparable, or even better than a professional chef. I turned to Selene as I looked her in the eyes. It seems that her breathing had relaxed as I am sure that she had wanted to eat the meat, but couldn’t bring herself to admit that as honestly as Phil and Til. It is this part of Selene that I liked.






Afterwards, we continued deeper into the dungeon. Since no one had ever entered this area before, monsters such as the Red Horns and Red Lizardmen continue to appear. Even a Magmagator had appeared. Thanks to this, we quickly managed to obtain the materials required for our quests. We had also discovered a treasure box, however it only contained several clumps of average magical metals. Before long, we arrived at the end of the path.


  [Youya. This is the same door with the dragon as before.] (Luna)

  [This must be the hidden path that you mentioned earlier.] (Til)

  [Seems so. With this, we’ll be able to reach the boss room without being interrupted by those people.] (Selene)

  [We’ll be able to avoid those people who said bad things about Youya!] (Luna)

Phew. Truthfully I was a little uneasy as I had never came here even back in the game, however we managed to locate this back door safely.


  [Yeah. We’ll definitely do it. However, don’t let down your guard just because of this. We merely got to the point where we are equal to them. In order to beat them to the boss, we’ll have to raise our levels as high as possible before the next boss spawn. However, before that it’s time for us to have a feast. Let’s enjoy the meat so much that our cheeks fall off our faces.] (Youya)

  [Meat which makes our cheek fall off!] (Luna)

  [Meat! Meat!] (Til)


Luna and Til began chanting meat as we managed to achieve our goal today. Let’s end our adventure here today as there is a magical vortex nearby, making it easy for us to return to town. Then, we’ll return tomorrow. If we travel here using a different path from today, then we’ll be sure to encounter more prey on the way here.


Although we managed to locate the back door, our path to victory hasn’t been secured yet. Since the paths from the front entrance and the back door converge onto the same path, it’ll be disastrous if our opponents were to cooperate there. Although that is a matter left for another day. For now, let’s focus on one of the most delicious meat in the world. 

I have never eaten Beef (Excellent) before and I can’t help but wonder how delicious it could actually be. I’m looking forward to Phil’s delicious dish tonight.


<End of Chapter>

Hi guys sorry for the huge delay. To be completely honest,  I’ve been really busy working and adapting to my new life that I hadn’t really spent what free time I had on my hobbies. I’ve pretty much spent the past few months doing physical training, work and going out for activities that I admittedly neglected the translations. (I forgot about it sometime ago until I received a notification from my patreon awhile back so again i apologise)

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