Chapter 8: The old man gets a doll.

We arrived at the town of Grannel, a town situated in close proximity to the capital of the Laluzulu kingdom. Grannel is a town that is larger than Greenwood as a whole, and was divided into two sections: the agricultural zone and the commercial zone. The agricultural zone covered a large amount of land withContinue reading “Chapter 8: The old man gets a doll.”

Chapter 7: The old man travels towards Grannel.

On the road leading away from Flaregard, a raptor carriage could be seen travelling as it left several merchant carriages in the dust, overtaking them with speeds several times higher than normal horses. Not only were Raptors much stronger than horses, they had an extremely light appetite as well which made them much more efficientContinue reading “Chapter 7: The old man travels towards Grannel.”

Chapter 6: The old man leaves Flaregard

We managed to get our hands on the Primal Flame from a dungeon that was equivalent to an expert dungeon for the best adventurers. Not only is the True Clay valuable, but more importantly the experience we got from successfully clearing a dungeon of this magnitude. With this item, we will be able to increaseContinue reading “Chapter 6: The old man leaves Flaregard”

Chapter 5: The old man finds a piece of the strongest weapon

I opened the door to the Temple of the Primal Flame located at the bottom of the dungeon. Unlike the display at the entrance of the dungeon, there weren’t any monsters waiting to ambush its door but rather, a mysterious organ began to play as a candlestick in the center of the temple decorated withContinue reading “Chapter 5: The old man finds a piece of the strongest weapon”